study Academy of Arts and Design Offenbach/ Hessen, Diploma, HfG Academy of Arts Offenbach; with Adam Jankowski (Painting), Rotraut Pape (Film), Burghart Schmidt (Theory), Christian Janecke (Art History), Manfred Stumpf (Visual Arts)

Living in Netherlands [until 1989]

Born as Jos van Vugt Diegel/ dutch and german nationality

Jos Diegel (D/NL, geb. Offenbach, 1982) studied fine art and audiovisual media at the Hessian University of Art and Design, Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach and works with video & film, painting, performance, theater and wrestling. The artist plays, entertains and deals with socio-political and normative-narrative structures and understands his cheerful, a-disciplinary experimental science in negotiating and constructing situations with the means video art, film, installation, painting, performance, wrestling and theater. He lives and works in Leipzig and Offenbach. His projects have been shown internationally in Berlin, Paris, Bolzano, Athens, San Francisco, Bonn, Shanghai, Plovdiv, Rome, Torrance, Sherbrooke, Zurich and New York. The freelance artist teaches adults, children and young people at art colleges, summer academies, art associations, museums, as well as in youth centers, kindergartens and schools.